My first Titfuck

I thought I’d tell a story about my first titfuck.

I developed pretty early and well it came with some attention. Some of it I loved, some of it I didn’t. But it did get me a boy I liked in high school. 

We dated for a month before we decided to take it to the next level. We had made out a lot and I had given him a handjob but this night was special.

We were at a friends party and were drinking. we snuck away and made out in our friends room before we decided we should go somewhere more private. Her property backed on too some forest area and so we went to this rocky area were couples were known to go.

We made out for a bit and then he started to slowly caress my breasts. eventually my shirt and bra came off and the cool night air made my nipples hard as diamonds.
I pushed him back and undid his pants. I remember his dick hitting my wrist as it popped out.

I took his dick in between my breasts and started to rub gently. It kinda hurt at first as it was rough and sweaty and not really great for friction. but I licked his dick a bit to lube it up and it was fine. 

I just squeezed my boobs together and moved up and down ever so slightly. His dick was warm and I could feel his throbbing as the blood made it harder and harder.

He was so nervous and the precum was dripping out of his dick. Sure it was helping to keep my cleavage lubed but I knew that he was gonna burst and from the looks of it,  it was gonna be watery.

I was afraid. I had never had a guy cum from me jerking him off with my tits, so to avoid a face full of cum I buried his cock in my breasts and let him cum in my cleavage. 

Shortly after I shifted he begins to spurt. I could see the cum start to pool at the top and it was indeed watery.

After a couple of seconds of convulsions he catches his breath and I release his dick and look at the mess.

Well a mess is what it was, it was hot sticky and all over my lap and jeans. It was hot but I was starting to get cold.

Awkwardly he looked down at me and told me too wait there while he went back to the house to grab a towel.

So there I was, in the middle of a forest, cold, and covered in cum. 

He did return with a towel, a hand towel. Silly boy…

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